What is Conditional Application?

If you do not have GRE or ALES graduate exam score, then you can apply conditionally.

Please check out the Directive for International Student Applications for conditional application status. (for Turkish click here.) In the case of conditional admission, you are entitled to take two courses which are determined by the department and/or by your program advisor. When you are given conditional admission status, there is one option: If you get at least a BB from each of the courses you have taken, graduate exam requirement is waived. However, please be aware that it may be too late to get the grades until you have to renew your residence permit or visa requirements. In that case, we regret to underline you that GSSS is unable to help you. For this reason, it may be wiser to take the exam and present the required score to avoid any mishap or confusion in paperwork.

Those who do not meet this criteria will be dismissed from the program. Late submission of GRE or ALES scores during the semester will not change your conditional status.

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