Regulations Regarding the Extension of Time Processes due to COVID

1. Students who are in their thesis stage for the 2020-2021 Spring semester and who have never made a request for thesis extension before or those who have only made one request within the previous semesters will be given one additional semester upon request. Those who have already requested an additional semester for two times in previous semesters will not be given any more extra semesters. This extra semester will be added to the maximum duration of the graduate program.

2. Students who have defended their thesis and have been given a 3/6-month extension for correction are not allowed to request an extra semester.

3. The definition of the "thesis stage"

a. Ph.D. students: students who have successfully passed their doctoral competency exam

b. Master's students: students who have passed all the required course load in their program curricula

4. Research assistants, ÖYP, and other research assistants who are entitled to article 35 can request for thesis extension. However, it is not yet determined whether the extra semester will be added to their term of duty.

5. Students who are already in their "on-leave" semester cannot make a request for an additional semester.

6. If students receiving 100/2000 bursaries make a request for an additional semester, their bursary will continue for 4 years, which is the maximum duration of the bursary. They will not receive any bursary for the extra semester given.

7. To avoid any problems, the form "Ek Süre Talep Formu" on the graduate school website in the section "Forms" must be filled. Requests made with other types of documents or in other ways will not be evaluated.

8. The reason for the additional semester must be explained in detail in the application form. And the approval of the thesis advisor and the department chair will be required. (In case thesis advisors want to state more information, they can use the other side of the application form).

9. The forms must be with a wet signature or signed online (the copy/paste of the signature). Forms missing the signature of the student, thesis advisor and the department chair will not be evaluated.

10. The requests must be submitted to the Departments until June 25, 2021. The requests, then, will be forwarded to the Graduate School.

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24/05/2021 - 14:06