Ethics Committee

Steps to Follow for Ethics Committee Authorization Letter

All studies conducted by Middle East Technical University and / or carried out by METU staff / students and requiring the gathering of information from human participants are subject to an examination by the METU Human Research Ethics Committee. The steps you need to take to send your Ethics Committee permission letter to the relevant institutions are:

  1. Information regarding ethics procedures can be found here.
  2. After the regular meeting of the Ethics Committee, the applications of the students of the Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS), which are deemed appropriate for field research, are sent to the GSSS.
  3. The Graduate School of Social Sciences informs the executives of the study by e-mail about the applications that are approved by the Ethics Committee. If the letter of Ethics Committee permission is required (for example, to put it in the appendices section of the thesis), please contact UEAM.
  4. In order to start field research, students who are authorized by the Ethics Committee should get permission from the institution they are going to do research, or if they wish to get permission (from institutions such as MONE, universities or hospitals), they should start a new process for institutional permission. This process is as follows:
    • The student writes a petition dedicated to the Department.
    • The student's supervisor, as well as the student, writes a separate petition containing the same statements.
    • The title of this study is the title of the study, the date of the field survey, the list of institutions or institutions that are required to be granted, the number of persons to be practiced and the number of people to be practiced.
    • If permission is obtained from any institution other than METU (MoNE, other universities, etc.), the study summary and if the scale to be used has been developed by someone else, the use of scale taken from that person should be added to these documents.
    • Written petitions and appendices are given to the Secretariat of the Department.
    • The Department sends these documents to the Institute of Social Sciences with a cover letter.
    • The decision of the Institute Board of Directors is approved for the approval of the documents submitted to the Graduate School of Social Sciences.

    • The decision and the cover letter of the Institute Board of Directors are sent to the Rector's Office together with the documents.

    • You can call 210 2130 to track your corporate permission correspondence in the Rector's Office.

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