Program Applications: 26 APRIL - 25 JUNE 2021 (the application system will be closed at 23:59.)

Submission of Graduate Applications by the Graduate Schools to the Departments: 02 JULY 2021

Graduate Program Evaluations/Interviews: 03 JULY 2021-06 AUGUST 2021

Announcement of Graduate Program Evaluation Results: 13 AUGUST 2021

Online pre-registration of students admitted to graduate programs: 04 - 08 OCTOBER 2021

Interactive Registerations and Advisor Approvals for Admitted Students: 13 - 15 OCTOBER 2021*

(*) The start dates of 2021 - 2022 Fall Semester interactive registrations and classes are subject to change as may be required according to the COVID-19 pandemic’s course.

  • Please check METU Academic Calendar  for any updates in dates and deadlines. 
  • For your questions regarding the application procedures, you can email the responsible person in the staff list announced below.
  • If your application is approved by the Graduate School and forwarded to the Department, you can contact your department for your questions regarding the evaluation process or the interviews.
  • In order to get information about the registration processes, please contact METU Registrar's Office. (International students must contact International Students Office)
  • If you have any technical problems on the application system, please contact our Computer Center using the email address
  • The information on this page is valid for both Turkish and international applicants. International applicants must also see the notes under the section "International Students" above on this webpage. 
  • Those who hold both Turkish and foreign passport/citizenship have to choose one of those citizenships. Depending on whether they will apply as a Turkish citizen or a foreign citizen, these students have to follow the procedures (such as entering their information on the online application system, the required documents for application, and paying the application fee) accordingly. It is not allowed to use the criteria for both citizenships. (For instance, if you enter the system as a Turkish citizen, you cannot benefit from the conditional application option, which is provided for only international applicants.)  

Who can Apply?

Applicants who wish to pursue a degree at the Graduate School must hold;

  • For Master of Science (M.S.) & Master of Arts (M.A.) applications, a bachelor's degree or awaiting graduation degree from bachelor
  • For Doctorate (PhD) on Bachelor of Science (B.S.) applications, a bachelor's degree or awaiting graduation degree
  • For PhD application, an M.S./M.A. (or an equivalent) degree or awaiting graduation from M.S./M.A. (According to YÖK regulations, applicants, who were enrolled in or graduated from a non-thesis program before 6 February 2013, can apply PhD programs using their non-thesis degrees.)

Application Criteria for Programs

Programs Accepting Students for 2021/2022 Fall Semester 

Staff List for Applications 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Interview Calendar for 2021/2022 Fall Semester

How to Apply?

Application to all METU Graduate School programs will be made online in the link provided below:

  1. Log in to the link above and fill out the required fields in the Application Form.
  2. Submit the Online Application Form and the application process is complete.
  3. You can check your application status on the Main Page by logging in with your email address and password.

Please note: After finalizing your application, you are encouraged to check out the website of the related Graduate School and the Program for the interview dates and last-minute information.

Required Documents for Application

Detailed information about required Documents which will be uploaded to the online application system:

  • Application Fee Receipt

The application fee is 100 ₺ for the nationals of Turkey. For foreign nationals, the application fee is 55 $ (This amount, meaning 55$, must be paid in dollars to METU's dollar account. Please do not transfer the amount in Turkish lira). You must upload scanned version of the receipt (.jpeg) or the online banking receipt (.pdf) to the online application form.

Exception: Applicants, who are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in Turkey, do not have to pay for the application fee.

For a complete list of the bank account details to pay for the Application fee click here.

If you are making an international transfer:

Beneficiary: ODTÜ Strateji Geliştirme Daire Başkanlığı
Bank: Türkiye İş Bankası
Branch: ODTÜ (4229)
Account No: 4229-3123036
Swift code: ISBKTRIS
IBAN: TR100006400000242293123036

Bank Address: T.C. İş Bankası, ODTÜ Şubesi, Üniversiteler Mahallesi, Dumlupınar Bulvarı, No:1, 06800, Ankara/Turkey

  • Applicants who file more than one application must pay the application fee for each program.
  • Applicants who want to get their application fee back within the application period should apply to Graduate Schools with "Payment Refund Application Form". The forms should be filled online and be submitted along with the transaction receipts. The signed form and the receipt must be submitted to the responsible person (via email or in-person) announced in the Staff List for Applications. The deadline for submitting the form is the same date with the deadline for applications.

  • English Proficiency Exam Score

Applicants must have an English language proficiency score. YÖKDİL, YDS and e-YDS exams are not accepted. Scanned version of the exam scores (.jpeg) or the internet print of the exam scores (.pdf) must be uploaded to the online application system.

Accepted exams are:

      • METU-EPE (METU English Proficiency Exam), provided by METU
      • TOEFL IBT, provided by ETS
      • IELTS (Academic Version)
      • PTE Academic (Academic Version)

See: Equivalence Table for English Language Exams Recognized by METU


      • Exam score is valid for two years.
      • Scores ending in 0.5 or higher are rounded UP to the nearest whole number.
      • For METU-EPE and other English proficiency exam equivalence chart please click here.
      • The necessary information about the METU-EPE can be found here.

Exception: Native speakers (candidates who are citizen of a country with English as an official language), who studied in a university in which the language of instruction is English, are exempt from submitting a valid English language score. The applicants who satisfy these conditions can check the "I am a native speaker" box in the online application form.

Exception: Candidates registered to a graduate program at METU for at least one semester within the past four semesters as of the date of their application to a graduate program are not required to document their proficiency in English provided that they hold the score determined by the criteria of the program they are applying to.


Due to the measures taken against Covid-19, METU EPE will administered online. For detailed information, please click here.

  • Graduate Exams

All programs require Graduate Exam scores. To apply for a graduate program, applicants must have valid ALES, GRE or GMAT exam results that meet the minimum criteria of the programs. A photocopy or the Internet print of the exam scores must be uploaded to the online application system.

Check the exam types and minimum scores of the graduate exams designated by Programs and the Graduate School.

The exam results must be valid as of the date of application:

      • ALES scores are valid for 5 years following the announcement of exam results.
      • GRE/GMAT certificate is valid for 5 years.

Exception: Applicants, who were registered in a graduate program in one of the last two semesters, can apply to the graduate programs with ALES scores that they submitted before. This exception is only valid if the old ALES score of the applicant meets the minimum criteria of the program requirements. Those applicants do not need to take the ALES exams again.

Please use the following table for the conversion of the ALES & New GRE Scores.*

ALES                GRE-new                    
  45                         135
  50                         137
  55                         139
  60                         144
  65                         149
  70                         153
  75                         157
  80                         161
  85                         165
  90                         166

  95                         168

  100                       170

* The conversion table only applies to METU. The effective date is May 21, 2018.

Please use the following table for ALES-GRE equivalence table used before 10.12.2018.

ALES                GRE-old                    GRE-new
                        (Quantitative)          (Quantitative)
  55                         610                           149 
  60                         648                           151
  65                         678                           153
  70                         696                           155
  75                         713                           156
  80                         731                           157
  85                         748                           159
  90                         766                           162
  95                         783                           164
100                         800                           166

  • Reference Letters

For the application, if required by the department, two references must be submitted. It is generally recommended that you to take references from faculty members (including your thesis advisor) who knows your academic skills and experiences and from your managers if you are/were working in a sector.

For the prerequisites about the reference letters, please visit relevant program requirements.

      • If you are exempt for submitting reference letters, you can check the "not necessary" box in the online application form.
      • Applicants should enter the information regarding the referees in the online application form. The link for submitting a reference letter will be sent to the e-mail address of referees. The link will be active for 48 hours. If the time limit passes, the link will be expired. Applicants can check the status of references from the online application form.
      • It is not necessary to send the hard copies of reference letters by post. 
  • Transcript

      • Obtain notarized or attested transcript(s) in English or Turkish concerning your in progress or completed undergraduate and graduate study you have undertaken.
      • Transcripts which are replicated by copying and documents on which name and/or the seal of the issuer are not visible are not accepted.
      • For students or graduates of METU copy of transcript(s) obtained through " (Student Information (61))" are accepted.
      • If you are applying for a PhDBOTH undergraduate and graduate transcripts are required.
      • You must upload .jpeg or .pdf versions of your transcripts to the online application system.
  • Letter of Intention

The letter of intention should:

      • include a short CV and the background related to the applied department, awards, scholarships, meetings, and publications.
      • be uploaded as a .pdf file on the online application system. 
  • Recognition Letter

Only for non-Turkish citizens who graduated from any abroad university
    • Equivalence Letter*

    Only for Turkish citizens who studied in any abroad university

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