METU GSSS Graduate Awards


The aim of the Thesis Award is to contribute to the development of our country and to the world of culture and thought and to increase the research power of our country in METU. Graduate and Ph.D. theses are evaluated in the following categories.

  • Contributing to the economic, social and spatial development of the country.

  • Developing a new product or method experimentally or theoretically to contribute to human health, safety, and well-being.

  • Contributing to the world of culture and thought.

  • Integrates theory with practice.

  • The potential for international publication in basic science.

  • 15 September 2015 - 15 September 2016 between the thesis defense

theses which have been found successful can apply for a prize.

Documents required for application:

  • Thesis Award Application Form

  • one copy of a hardcover thesis (signatures must be complete)

  • criterion

  • publications/ papers/patent documents arising from the thesis.

(Thesis Award Application Form is available at .)


The aim of the Course Performance Award is to accelerate the completion of the courses during the graduate education and to increase the Grade Point Average (GPA) of the students.

  • Students who complete their third semester and 7 courses and who have the highest GPA in each Institute Department

  • A Ph.D. student who has completed his / her third semester and 7 courses and has the highest GPA in each Institute Department.

  • Students who have completed the fifth semester and 14 courses and who have the highest GPA within each Institute Department are awarded to a postgraduate doctoral student. For the award, students must complete the Performance Award Application Form and have them approved by the thesis advisors and EABD presidents.

The names of the winners are announced by the relevant institutes.

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