At a Glance


Mission: The mission of the GSSS is to promote and support excellence in graduate education and research.  The Graduate School, together with departments and programs, develop common goals, set common standards and promote best practices to apply across disciplines.  In accomplishing its mission, the GSSS values excellence, collaboration, integrity, efficiency and innovation.


Vision: The GSSS promotes in going beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries, thus supports collaboration between the scholars, or interdisciplinarity. Through a myriad of interdisciplinary programs on area studies as well as issue-specific subjects, the Graduate School aims to create new synergies in research and teaching.   


By way of its connections with national and international higher education organizations, the GSSS aims to encourage a creative environment for research and teaching as well as social impact. Faculty and student exchanges, joint degree programs, ÖYP, joint conferences and workshops all facilitate interaction with national and international partners.  This year the GSSS started a Graduate Research Workshop that is open to all graduate students in Turkey in Social Sciences.  The Workshop aims to have a debate on ongoing research by the Ph.D. students as well as to create a network among them.