What is ÖYP

ÖYP is the abbreviation of Faculty Development Programme (Öğretim Üyesi Yetiştirme Programı), which was established in order to train academicians for smaller universities. To increase the capacity of science and technology development capacities of universities is also one of the most significant aims of the model. Programme was conducted with the cooperation of State Planning Organization and METU until 2010. Starting from 2010, the programme has been run by Higher Education Council and the scope of the programme has been widened.


Click here for the presentation made on February, 27th 2013 about ÖYP processes.

ÖYP-DPT: Research Assistants joined the programme before 2010 are subject to the regulations of the programme run by METU and SPO. This program will end in 2014.


ÖYP-YÖK: Research Assistants joined the program through central assignment after 2010 are subject to the regulations of the new programme.

ÖYP-KKTC: OYP KKTC students are prone to the regulations of YODAK and considered as students with scholarships. They have the same funding opportunities as OYP-DPT Research Assistants.

ÖYP- Avrasya: OYP Avrasya students do not have any funding supports.




OYP Research Assistantship Process:

1-    Applications and requirements for OYP are announced on Applicants are ranked with respect to their OYP scores and assigned to universities through a central system.

2-     The ones that became OYP Research Assistants apply to universities where they plan to have their Graduate and Doctoral educations via The ones that plan to have their educations at METU should follow the announcements on

3-     OYP Research Assistants that are admitted to the graduate programmes at METU can apply to their universities for their temporarlily assignment to METU as Research Assistants during their Graduate and Doctoral Education.