Short Term Domestic Abroad


ÖYP Research Assistants applying for a short term domestic/abroad visit should submit their:


  • ÖYP Travel Form,  ÖYP Travel Form (for Research Assistants), ÖYP Travel Form (for Professors)
  •  Acceptance Letter,
  • Abstract of their Presentation
  • and written requests to their departments.
  • Requests are forwarded to the Graduate School with 39K-7 form by the Department.
  • Travel request should be entered to the ÖYP portal and request number should be saved (for ÖYP-DPT only).
  • Short term travel requests and required documents must be submitted to the Graduate School of Social Sciences at least one month before the travel date for funded travels, at least three weeks before unfunded travels. Otherwise, permission and financial support requests will be denied.
  • ÖYP-YÖK Research Assistants cannot use their travel budgets after their 6th semester in Masters programmes, after their 12th semesters in PhD on MS programmes, after their 18th semester in PhD on BS programmes.
  • ÖYP-YÖK Research Assistants and their supervisors can use travel budgets a maximum of 15 days per year for domestic or international scientific meetings.
  • Conference program