Reference Letters

For the application, if required by the department, two reference letters must be submitted. The GSSS recommends you to take references as follows; if you are a senior bachelor student or a graduate planning to apply for Master of Science/Arts, consider taking the reference letters from two faculty members who best know your academic skills and experiences; if you are planning to apply for PhD program, consider taking one from your thesis advisor and the other from your thesis committee members or a faculty member who knows your academic skills and experiences. If you are working in any sector, you may consider taking reference letters from your boss or managers. For the prerequisite about the reference letters, please visit Program Requirements.



The referee may request to send the letter directly to GSSS. To prevent the delays, please inform the referees about the application deadlines. GSSS is not responsible for possible delays.


* A standard reference letter format can be found in the below link. Reference letters are accepted in this standard format as well as in any other formats.


Please click here to download the format of the reference letters.

*Reference letters will be preferably submitted in a sealed envelope.