Long Term Abroad Visit


ÖYP Research Assistants applying for a long term abroad visit should submit their:


·         ÖYP Travel Form

·         Acceptance Letter,

·         Abstract of the study,

·         Work Plan (Time Schedule),

·         Long-term visit performance monitoring form,

·          And written requests to their departments.

Departments forward the requests to the Graduate School with a cover letter.

Travel request should be entered to the ÖYP portal and request number should be saved (for ÖYP-DPT only).

Since conference/congress visits are covered by the travel budgets, conference/congress participation requests in the project applications are rejected

Long term travel requests and required documents must be submitted to the Graduate School of Social Sciences at least one month before the travel date. Otherwise, permission and financial support requests will be denied

ÖYP-YÖK Research Assistants do not have travel budget for long term sbroad visits.