English Proficiency Exams

For the graduate applications, applicants must have an English language proficiency score.

Accepted exams are:

·         METU English Proficiency Exam (ODTÜ-İYS), provided by METU

·         TOEFL IBT 

·         IELTS 


  • Native speakers (who are the citizens of a country where English is among native or official languages) who  received their bachelor's degree from an university in which the language of instruction is English are exempt from submitting a valid English language score. The applicants who satisfy these both conditions can check the " I am a native speaker" box in the online application form. Applicants who are native speaker of English or who are citizens of a country in which English is an official language AND who received their previous degree from higher education institution at which the medium of instruction is English are exempted from submitting a proof of English proficiency. However, these candidates must document their status by (1) submitting a copy of their ID card (e.g., Passaport, citizenship ID card) AND (2) prove that they have received their education at an English medium university.

* For METU-EPE and other English proficiency exam equivalence chart please click here.

*METU-EPE, TOEFL IBT and IELTS exams are valid for two years.

*KPDS,ÜDS and YDS exams are not accepted.

* For the application, the photocopy or the Internet print of the exam scores can be uploaded to the online application system.


* METU- EPE : The necessary information about the exam can be found at