Important Information for International Students

Important Information for International Students

Course information for the prospective graduate programme may be found in the relevant department’s website.


The application information for all departments are in this website:


The section for international students is designed to give all the necessary information for you to make your application. Please refrain from contacting the Graduate School regarding your application unless you are not able to find an answer to your problem through the website of the department and the Graduate School. This is necessary because the Graduate School is responsible ONLY for the paperwork of your application and contacting the Graduate School frequently may cause important delays in the processing of your application.

All applicants should submit English Proficiency Exam except for native speakers. In order to qualify as a native speaker, you should satisfy both  conditions which are written in the below.

1. You should be a citizen of a country in which the official language is English.

2. You should hold an undergraduate degree from a university in which the language of instruction is English.

There is no conditional option for English Proficiency Exam.

You can only make conditional applicaiton in the case of you do not have graduate exam score. (ALES,GRE or GMAT)

If you make conditional application, you can select "conditional application" option in the graduate exam section of the online application form.