What is Conditional Application?

If you do not have GRE/GMAT or ALES graduate exam score, then you can apply conditionally. Conditional application is open for all programs and all international students.

Please check out the Directive for International Student Applications for conditional application status. (for Turkish click here.)

In the case of conditional admission, you are entitled to take maximum two courses in your first semester (could be more than two depending on your advisor's request) which are determined by the department and/or by your program advisor. These courses are not extra courses in terms of the program curriculum. Therefore, you can think of your first semester as a trial period.

When you are given conditional admission status, you are expected to pass each of these taken courses with at least a BB score.

At the end of your first semester, your course grades are checked and if you have any score less than BB, you will be dismissed from the program. If all of your grades are above BB, you will be able to continue in your program as a regular student with the conditional status having been removed.

Frequently Asked Questions; 

1. How can I apply conditionally?

All you need to do is to click on the "conditional application" option on the application system in the Graduate Exam section. 

2. Can I submit my GRE/GMAT score after the application deadlines or during the first semester and change my conditional status?

No, you cannot. Conditional application does not mean late submission of GRE/GMAT score. It is a process that is determined during your application process and is not up to change. 

Last Updated:
16/05/2021 - 15:41