About IPSA-METU Summer School

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The Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS), Middle East Technical University (METU) in collaboration with the International Political Science Association (IPSA) is organizing the second IPSA-METU Summer School for Social Science Research Methods, August 18-29 2014. IPSA has been working to support the development of political science, building academic networks linking East and West, North and South. It has helped the establishment of several summer schools on research methods in social science in different regions of the world, including Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. IPSA-METU Summer School is be the first of its kind in Turkey, Middle East and North Africa as well as Eurasia. It provides a unique opportunity for the graduate students and early professionals studying and researching in social sciences to be trained by the most prominent experts on several research methods.


The Summer School offers six courses on quantitative and qualitative methods and welcomes graduate students, early career academics and professionals interested in receiving theoretical and practical training in these methods. Due to the rigorous training and full time schedules of these courses the Summer School participants will choose and register to one of these six courses which will be given over a period of two weeks in week days, allowing participants to attend both lectures and practical sessions. The schedule will also include one-on-one sessions in the form of office hours providing the students a chance to review their individual projects with the instructors. Detailed course descriptions as well as short biographies of the instructors can be found in these pages. Additionally, talks will be organized where participants can participate and learn more from the instructors. There will also be sessions included for career development such as “How to Write a Research Proposal” and “How to Publish”.


Since its foundation, METU, as an international research university, has been the leading university in Turkey in terms of depth and breadth of international ties and the amount of funds generated from international research projects. GSSS at METU offers 54 MA and 22 PhD programs across various disciplines, including interdisciplinary programs. GSSS has a strong emphasis on promoting discussion on social sciences through workshops and lecture series and the Summer School fits to the overall mission of supporting excellence in graduate research.


IPSA-METU Summer School for Social Science Research Methods, September 9-20 2013


"IPSA-METU Summer School taught us to look at things from different perspectives and encouraged me to improvise. I strongly recommend this summer school."

"I think IPSA-METU Summer School was a perfect venue to train myself for methodology and research design."

"I had this great opportunity to deepen my knowledge on methodology"

"I am glad I attended IPSA-METU Summer School. Classes were interesting. University campus is really amazing."